Music Licensing

Search below or listen through to find a track that suits what you are looking for.  

Please fill out the form HERE to request a license which will allow you to use this music with your project.  When filling out the form please list the track(s) you are interested in using and the intended use of the track for a quote.  This library is updated every few weeks.  Watermarks will be removed and a stereo .WAV file will be sent using a secure online file transfer service.  Other file types can be sent per request.

Cinematic Stories.jpg

Cinematic Stories

by Grant Floering

Themes slowly evolving through different movements, subtle underscoring to support a story.

Rising Energy.jpg

Rising Energy

by Grant Floering

Collection of pulsing synths, sweeping orchestras, slowly rising and finishing strong with a brief sustaining theme. 

Commercial Narratives.jpg

Commercial Narratives

by Grant Floering


A wide variety of genres, from quirky to serious, contemplative and informative.  Easily editable for trimming into 15s, 30s, 60s spots.  

Quiet Ambience V2.jpg

Quiet Ambience

by Grant Floering

Slow evolutions, lots of space, never quite resolving.  Lush pads, hybrid acoustic swells.

Solo Series.jpg

Solo Series

by Grant Floering

Newest collection of solo instruments.  Keep an eye out for new additions soon!

Pop Vibes.jpg

Pop Vibes

by Grant Floering

Current pop rock vibes.